Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Whilst you are staying at Trevalgas Farm you might be interested in our environmental policy and practices.



We replace all electrical equipment with an A or B energy rating, use low energy lightbulbs wherever possible, avoid leaving electrical equipment on standby mode and have high levels of insulation in the lofts.  We manually control the heating with the ability of adjusting the temperature to suit or only heat areas of the house that are occupied.  All curtains are lined, windows are double-glazed and the majority of floors are carpeted - all helping to conserve the energy consumption. The washing machine, dishwasher & the electric shower all have an economy setting.  The towels are eco-friendly. We do our own laundry, drying outside on the washing line wherever possible.


We encourage all visitors to recycle paper, card, glass, plastic cartons and cans.  Where appropriate, we up-cycle furniture rather than replace with new.


We harvest rainwater in butts for watering and providing drinking water for our donkeys.  We use mulching and our own manure from the donkeys in the garden.


We provide information regarding local farm shops, restaurants, local crafts and attractions. We always employ local craftsmen in our building and property maintenance. We expect similar economic standards from our suppliers and contractors. Where possible, we use local products.


Books, leaflets and internet links of local walks and information on local attractions are provided. Visitors’ are encouraged to bring their own bicycles or details of local hire are available.


All visitors are asked to follow the countryside code, take litter home, close gates and follow footpaths. We have bird feeders, bird baths and encourage wildlife with the plant species we grow. We have a field dedicated to wildlife and plants - visitors have access to this.

We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and have minimised our risk associated with environmental and social emissions.

Our aim is to continually seek to improve our environmental and social performance and welcome our visitors’ ideas too - if there is anything you feel we could do to further help the environment then please tell us.