COVID-19 Policy

Applies to bookings made 5th February 2021 or after.  Bookings made before 5th February 2021 are covered under a different set of Terms and conditions/Covid Promise and are available by emailing

  • If your booking has to be cancelled because we are put under Government restrictions and have to close YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.
  • In the event that your given address is put into Local/Regional Lockdown, rendering you unable to travel and the period of restriction covers your booking YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.  
  • If your party is prevented by Government restrictions from travelling due to the amount of households or number of people being able to be accommodated together, YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.  

Covid is now a known risk and it is possible for you to insure your holiday against it (which is not the case for ourselves).  This can include you or any of your party having Covid, or having to isolate or quarantine or if you wish to shield any members of the party. 


Please refer to our booking conditions for full details re cancellations and refunds.



The safety of our guests, ourselves and our community is paramount.

Our aim is to ensure you will enjoy a memorable holiday without compromising on safety.

We have always prided ourselves on our 5 star cleaning protocols and recent events have meant we have elevated these standards to even higher levels and we have invested in speciality equipment to aid in the sanitising and killing of bacteria and viruses. Richard has attended the relevant course on its use and has a certificate of compliance.

We understand that peace of mind is important to everyone.

Fogging Machine: using the correct (non-toxic) chemical, the fogging machine attacks airborne pathogens, then once settled, the chemical begins to attack bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

This is process is followed by a rigorous cleaning+sanitising regime as suggested by Visit England and PASC (Professional Association of Self Caterers).

Items which are difficult to clean and sanitise have been removed but we have kept half the books, dads, games, cushions and throws etc and have 2 sets of the "welcome" folder. These are removed after each stay and rotated. We have kept as much in the kitchen as we can clean safely during each changeover.

Pillow and mattress protectors along with duvets are replaced each week. 

Hand wash is provided in all bathrooms and hand sanitiser is provided on entry to the property.

Any guests displaying covid-19 symptoms whilst on holiday must follow government guidelines. If guests are unable to return home and the booked stay is exceeded the cost of all affected bookings and additional cleaning charges will be incurred.